Our customers come to us not just for our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, but also as an experienced partner in the assembly of a wide variety of innovative drive systems. In order to boost our production capacity for you and sustainably improve our competitiveness in this area, we have founded a new production site with 2500 m² of assembly space in Nowa Ruda, Poland. On July 1, 2015, the first assembly islands, set up according to the latest principles of ergonomics, economics, and logistics, were brought into operation.

You too can benefit from our expertise, gained during numerous drive-related projects, as well as our industrial know-how and craftsmanship. By outsourcing your assembly projects, you can counteract increasing cost pressures and quickly and flexibly overcome capacity bottlenecks during times of high demand. This will free up resources that benefit your core business.

Our portfolio of drive solutions includes partially assembled components, standardized modular gearbox components and ready-to-use complete drives including a motor and control system. We use a wide variety of processes during assembly: From force-displacement monitoring of force fitting to ultrasonic welding, adhering or shrink-fitting of a wide variety of materials, to press working, we cover the entire process chain in-house, including process-oriented intermediate testing and complex end-of-line test benches with batch tracking and archiving. As a result, various work procedures fit together seamlessly.