Framo Morat is both a think tank and an industrialization partner for pioneering drive concepts and innovative drive solutions. Diversity is our greatest strength. Whether in terms of application area, size or material, our broad spectrum makes us enablers and innovators. From the smallest gearwheel to fully customized electromechanical power packages: we turn your drive ideas into reality, according to your individual wishes.

Our expertise includes the development and production of high-precision gears, rotor shafts and worm gears made from a variety of materials. In addition to complex gearing parts made of different metals, we are experts in technically complex injection-molded plastic parts and gearing parts that combine plastic and metal. In-house toolmaking and state-of-the-art testing facilities help us to create innovative drive components that meet your requirements down to the last detail. As your reliable partner in drive technology, we accompany you through every step and every phase of your project. From the initial idea and design to prototype construction and series production – with us, you are in the best hands. Whether you are looking for standardized gearboxes or completely customized drive systems: at Framo Morat you will receive solutions that are precisely tailored to you and give you the drive you need.

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