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Standard drives are not always suitable for the particular application at hand. For example, there might be insufficient space for the application or the performance data, such as speed, torque, lifting speed or lifting force, does not match. Sometimes the requirements are so complex that a suitable drive must be designed and created almost completely from scratch. In cases like these, we deploy our development team for custom engineered drives.

Together with the customer, we develop a detailed set of functional specifications that represent the foundation for development of the product. In addition to the purely technical performance data, economic criteria, such as efficient manufacturability, material procurement and service and repair friendliness, are also taken into account during this process.

Each development project goes through multiple project phases (milestones). In the early phase, our experts develop the detailed design using state-of-the-art CAD and calculation software and simulate loads experienced in the field. The in-house project production and use of 3D printers enables us to quickly provide prototypes based on the meticulously reviewed specifications from the functional specification.

Potential risks are discovered in parallel at an early stage and weak points are eliminated through the consistent use of FMEA. Deadline and budget plans that are updated on an ongoing basis ensure the project is highly transparent at all times. The results are discussed with the customer and the next development step is approved when a milestone has been reached. This enables us to ensure that the result corresponds to the customer’s wishes in every respect.

Framo Morat – your development partner for drive technology

  • We have vast experience from a multitude of customer projects.
  • We supervise your project from specification to application.
  • You receive a complete solution, optimized in terms of function and costs.
  • We provide outstanding quality for all our drives and components.



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