Environmental Management

ISO 14001:2015 – Protecting our environment

Framo Morat has been certified according to DIN ISO EN 14001 since the end of 1998 and has had a successful environmental management program ever since. In 2003 the company obtained certification according to DIN ISO EN 14001:1996, which has since been updated to ISO 14001:2004. This makes environmental protection a second core objective of the company, next to the highest priority of customer satisfaction. Environmental consciousness extends to all areas of the company and the entire process chain. The demanding goals are achieved by promoting environmental consciousness, both now and into the future.

All of the company’s decisions are also assessed from an environmental point of view. Our procedures often go above and beyond what is legally required. Through training and education our employees are taught all of the aspects of our environmental program and are encouraged to maintain this awareness at all times. From the product design stage through various internal procedures all the way to the shipping department, our employees go to a lot of extra measures to abide by these regulations. It is all worth it though because these procedures help to keep our customers satisfied and our families’ safe for future generations.