Advanced chuck and bar turning centers with multiple working spindles, tool machines, and automated bar loading machines maximize performance and efficiency for both simple and very complex parts.

Vertical chuck turning

With several pick-up turn-mill centers with an opposing counter-spindle and five axes per processing side, complex parts can be completed in one work step. This is ideal both for disk-shaped parts as well as complex forging blanks.

In total, we have five turn-mill centers, such as the Index V160.


Technical data

  • Workpiece diameter: 200 mm
  • Workpiece length: 135 mm
  • Main spindle
    • Turret 1 VDI30 all driven
    • Drilling station VDI40 for large holes
    • Axes: X,Y,Z,B,C
  • Counter-spindle
    • Turret 2 VDI30 all driven
    • Axes: X,Y,Z,B,C

Bar turning

Three next-generation turrets for automated turning with high productivity, permitting simultaneous machining of the part with three turrets. CAM programming permits simultaneous configuration of chipping or supporting milling operations in order to generate the most efficient possible milling strategies in real time with one of the most cutting-edge programming tools.

Our machining capabilities include twelve bar-turning machines from major manufacturers like DMG, Index, and Nakamura.

Technical data

  • Workpiece diameter: 65 mm
  • Workpiece length: 500 mm
  • Main and counter-spindle with C-axis
  • Turret 1 VDI30; axes: X;Y;Z
  • Turret 2 VDI30; axes: X;Y;Z;B
  • Turret 3 VDI30; axes: X;Y;Z