Franz Morat Group reports record revenue

Gökhan Balkis, Managing Director of the Franz Morat Group (Image source: Franz Morat Group)

The Franz Morat Group achieved record revenue once again in the previous fiscal year of 2023 despite weakening economic activity. At around 114 million euros, sales came in about 8% higher than in the previous year. Managing Director Gökhan Balkis considers this a satisfying result in light of the current geopolitical and economic backdrops, even if revenue was a little less than 5% below target.

Managing Director Gökhan Balkis predicts that 2024 will be a year of numerous challenges for the German industry. Balkis cites multiple primary causes: increasing wages, rising energy costs, the budget crisis, geopolitical tensions, and the continually arising crises worldwide. Balkis explains, however, that the Franz Morat Group is well equipped for the coming months and years thanks to new future-oriented projects going on in all kinds of industries and business areas.

A planned restructuring within the corporate group took effect at the turn of the year, enabling the group to serve the different requirements of the automotive and industrial sales markets even better in the future. By integrating the industrial business of F. Morat, Framo Morat is expanding its expertise in plastic injection molding technology. Customers will have access to an even wider portfolio of products, technologies, and development options that combine the advantages of both plastic and metal. In addition to traditional mechanical and plant engineering, Framo Morat’s industrial target industries include rehabilitation and medical device technology, intralogistics, automation, and robotics as well as energy technology and agricultural technology.

F. Morat, on the other hand, will apply its expertise in developing and producing precision components and systems made from technical plastics, zeroing in its focus on the automotive industry. The organizational reorientation entails adjustments in working conditions for F. Morat employees. Framo Morat has been a member of the employers’ association for years and goes by the collective agreement for the metal and electronics industry agreed upon by Südwestmetall and IG Metall. F. Morat will adopt the individual collective agreements in stages. Until the collective agreement takes full effect on January 1, 2028, a transitional collective agreement will apply, replacing the in-house collective agreement as of January 1, 2024.

The workforce was fortified in deliberately selected areas over the past year in order to be ready for the challenges ahead. The Franz Morat Group employs a total of around 700 employees, 560 of which work at headquarters. The company has always combated the skilled worker shortage by offering internal continuing education opportunities and excellent training programs. Last fall alone, 20 young professionals began their training and studies at the Franz Morat Group. Every one of the previous year’s twelve graduates accepted positions in various business areas.

Handover of the transitional collective agreement to integrate F. Morat into the collective agreement of IG Metall Baden-Württemberg, from left to right: Kevin Maier (Human Resources), Joachim Gloeden (Framo Morat Council Chair), Kerstin Meindl (2nd authorized representative of IG Metall Freiburg), Gökhan Balkis (Managing Director), Daniel Schätzle (F. Morat Council Chair). (Image source: Franz Morat Group)