The chances of finding Framo Morat drives and components within your immediate surroundings are higher than you might expect—regardless of your industry. Our products are used in a vast range of applications. Whether custom engineered drives for stair lifts, dental laboratories or operating tables, in units for tracking solar modules, in transport lifts and wind turbine pitch gears, in swimming pool covers or caravan maneuvering unit, as components in metering pumps, gear motors and machine tools—drives from Framo Morat are performing their reliable services all around us, oftentimes going unnoticed. There is no application we can’t find a solution for; Framo Morat drives will deliver the motion you want no matter what your requirements are.



Material Handling

Medical technology & rehabilitation technology

Green Technology

Sheet metal working

Gears / Motors

Agricultural technology and construction machinery

Facade Technology

Food Technology

Pump Systems

Stage Technology

Pool Technic