Agricultural technology and construction machinery

Over the last hundred years or so, the number of people working in agriculture has dropped dramatically. At the same time, this decreasing percentage of the population is capable of providing food for an ever greater number of people. This increase in productivity first became possible as a result of industrialization and automation. It can be no exaggeration to say that modern agricultural machinery is vitally important for providing modern society with the food it needs while enabling further development.

The greatest drivers of growth in the construction machinery sector are data-based systems, electric drives and automated machines. This trend can be translated on a 1:1 basis to agricultural technology, where digital networking and sensors, for example, in drones, GPS-controlled tractors or field robots are taking over agriculture.

Machines for construction and agriculture are always designed for the toughest use in rough environments. Drives and drive components for such machines must account for these conditions. Whether it is a simple gear part or a sophisticated high-tech drive, basic requirements include high load capacity, durability and the utmost in reliability.

For decades Framo Morat has proven that it is a dependable and innovative partner for numerous renowned manufacturers in the industry. Our expertise in development and the production of electrical or intelligent is of particular benefit to you, so that you know you’re equipped for the latest trends in the industry.


Adjustment unit for tractors

AGV in a stable

Driverless transport systems (AGV) are being used more and more frequently in Agriculture 4.0, for example, for field and stable work. This makes it possible to automate recurring, time-intensive tasks. An adapted wheel profile and sealing of the drive unit make it easy to drive on any outdoor ground, even if it is very dirty.

Wheel hub drives for Outdoor-AMRs

Larger areas and their sustainable use are increasing the need for autonomous vehicles for agriculture. Unmanned and time-independent operation enables users to manage their cultivated areas more efficiently. By making specific adjustments to the wheel hub drive, a system was designed that is adapted to agricultural conditions and is resistant to dirt and environmental influences.

Drive shafts and gear components for forestry machines

The drive shafts and gearing components from Framo Morat have to meet high requirements in order to withstand the harsh conditions in the forestry industry. High quality standards are achieved by selecting excellent materials and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. This ultimately guarantees the high level of reliability, robustness and longevity that our customers demand for the good name of their products.

Gear components for tractors

Framo Morat gearing components are used in the latest generation of modern tractors. In addition to spur gears and rotor shafts, worm gear sets are installed which have been specially developed for the customer and are used in an upstream gearbox of the drive train. This enables stepless, autonomous driving.

Adjustment unit for tractors

The adjustment unit evaluates the signals of an electronic control device on the tractor and adjusts the desired transmission via a drive shaft. Electronics, electric motor, planetary gears, bevel gears and encoders form a compact unit. The encoder provides a high number of pulses per rotation and shows the position of the output shaft via its own reference output. Integrated electronics evaluate the signals and provide feedback to the tractor.

Brushwood cutter

A custom gearbox from Framo Morat provides power transmission in this scrub mower. During development, the focus was on optimizing installation space and costs as well as on robustness and reliability, as the load is significantly higher compared to conventional lawn mowers.

Worm gear set for motor hoes

Framo Morat manufactures fully globoidal worm gear sets for a leading manufacturer of high-quality gardening tools for different versions of a motor hoe. The use of a special copper alloy to manufacture the worm gear, which sits in the main drive train directly on the axle of the hoeing star shaft and is therefore exposed to high loads in stony terrain, ensures the required fatigue strength.

Pump gear wheels


Gears and pump gear wheels for the motor and transmission manufacture of construction machines need to be designed for maximum stress loads and durability.

Crane construction


A Mini drive in a construction crane releases the brakes for the wind-release system. Cranes must be able to turn like a weathervane in strong winds to prevent air resistance becoming too high and the subsequent risk that the crane might tip over.