Humanity has been preoccupied with automation since the age of antiquity. The increase in production that it brings is an engine for civilization and standard of living. That is how it was in the past, and so it will also be in the future. If windmills, steam engines and automated weaving looms used to be what changed society and – despite all controversies – advanced it, today it is topics like digitization, networking, collaboration and artificial intelligence.

The goal of automation is to increase productivity as well as to improve and standardize product quality while also minimizing defective production. That requires precise, reliable and maintenance-free drives and drive components.

Framo Morat covers a large range of drive technology for your customers, from individual precision gear parts and transmissions to complete drive systems. The following gives you a look at some of the many examples of application.




A Compacta MS12 is used to swivel a robot arm. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are realized by the integrated limit switch.

Industrial furnace

Industrial furnace loader

A LinearChain 25 PSG is used to move a workpiece load in and out of a industrial furnace.

Lifting column


The LinearChain Type 60 PDG is used in a lifting column with a length of up to 6 meters, for the safe lifting, lowering, turning, slewing and docking of heavy loads inside buildings from one floor to another or from one level to another. Depending on the application the lifting column can be supplied as a rigid version or slewable about its axis. Through the direction change of the chain of 2 times 90° a parallel storage of the chain in the system is enabled. Therefore the lifting column can be fastened as a free-standing unit to the floor or mounted with additional fastenings to the ceiling or the wall without the need for additional space for the storage of the chain.

Automotive Industry


A truck’s driver’s cab (including engine and chassis) is aligned during assembly with the help of two Mini drives.