Gears & Motors


  • High production quality
  • High grade materials
  • Reliability


Gear and Drum Motors

Shafts and geared parts of all sorts are used in gear and drum motors for applications in textile machinery or in conveyor systems and hoisting equipment. The drives are extremely robust and durable as a result of high-quality, precisely fitting components from Framo Morat.

Worm Gears and Gear Motors

Worm gear sets from Framo Morat are used in worm gears and gear motors with the most varied designs and dimensions. What all components have in common, however, is their excellent production quality and precision, ensuring that the drives offer a long service life and high cost-effectiveness.



Zahnrad_Einleger_Aktenvernichter-KopieAs drives for the cutters in a wide variety of shredders, our gears are loaded up to the limit, particularly if they become blocked. These drives are identified by their outstanding smooth running performance, attained by the high quality of the gearing.

Transformer Station Actuating Drives

Transformer station actuator

Schrittschalternocke_TrafostationWithout the consumer noticing, our gears regulate the voltage in the power supply. Depending on the specific demand, we thus ensure a consistently high supply quality for many years, so that the customer does not even have to think about it.