Medical technology & rehabilitation technology

Demographic changes are continually changing our society. High-precision drive elements ensure the high requirements for use near patients are met in medical and rehabilitation technology. There can be no compromises when it comes to people’s health. The requirements for drive units can vary considerably depending on the application. Paramount examples include smooth running, leak resistance, ease of cleaning, high power density or low weight. Common to all requirement profiles, however, is the challenge of ensuring top quality, reliability and operational safety, because any failure could have fatal consequences.

Framo Morat is in an ideal position, being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and having many years of expertise in producing gear components and developing complete drive systems – as well as having an in-house production depth that covers all processing steps critical to quality.

From highly complex 3-axis drive systems for curved stairlifts or component mixing units for dental technology, to highly precise miniaturized gears for post-operative shoulder mobility splints for rehabilitation after surgery, all the way to gear components or complete drive units for operating table control systems – Framo Morat has been a reliable partner of the most renowned global players in this industry for generations.

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Stair Lift

Stair lift

App01_freiThe stair lift drive developed by Framo Morat actually consists of a total of three drives: the main drive for the lift’s upward and downward movements, one for swiveling the seat (making it easy to get on and off), and a drive for tilt correction so that the seating position is always horizontal despite differing gradients within a stair section. Link to manufacturer.

Two-Component Mixer

Two component mixer

Antrieb für MischgerätThis drive is used in dental practices. At the touch of a button it automatically doses and mixes two viscous, paste-like substances in the correct proportion and in the desired quantity. The challenge posed by this application consisted in designing the drive for an upgraded model – a quieter and smaller drive but twice as powerful.

Worm Gear Units for Motorized Motion Rails


Schneckengetriebe BewegungsschieneTwo worm gear units have been built into a shoulder motion rail: one raises and lowers the patient’s arm; the other carries out a rotational movement of the shoulder. This generates a movement corresponding to the natural pattern for the shoulder. Maximum accuracy is required for post-operative movement of the shoulder, which is moved over the top dead center. Too great a gear backlash can be painful for the patient so our gears are produced with a total play of less than 1.5°.

The “Stair Climber”


Treppensteighilfe StirnradgetriebeA three-stage spur gear was developed for a stair-climbing aid. The Stair Climber can easily be attached to a conventional wheelchair so that persons weighing up to 160 kg can be transported up and down stairs.Particular attention was given to the quality of the gear components because of the extremely high demands made of the drive regarding performance and quiet running. Framo Morat won the contract to supply the drives because of the high quality we were able to guarantee.

Adjustment Systems for Operating Tables

Medizin- & Rehatechnik

Medical applications pose the very highest of demands regarding precision, quiet running and long service life. This is also the case for the worm gear sets made of stainless steel, with which all moving parts of an operating table can be adjusted.
Link to manufacturer.

AMR wheel hub drive for disinfection robots

Autonomous mobile disinfection robots consist of a self-driving platform equipped with a UV system. Ultraviolet light is used to disinfect surfaces and kill diseases, viruses, bacteria and other types of harmful organic microorganisms. The user-friendly UV robot saves operating costs and works safely and reliably. When cleaning personnel start the robot, which is equipped with a Framo Morat high-precision and ultra-compact wheel hub drive, it moves quietly and autonomously from room to room.

Medical Infusion Technology

Infusion technology

FMO_PF_Antriebselement_01In portable automatic infusion systems, various drive elements ensure failsafe and accurate dosage. In addition, we manufacture various housing sections for which the sterile requirements place high demands on the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the outer shape.

Components for Medical Devices

Drive parts for medical devices

Antr_Med_frei_IMG_3063In various devices and pieces of equipment, individual parts, and drive elements render their vital service to the patient – whether during a preventive exam or in the operating room or rehabilitation clinic.

Laboratory Metering Pump

Laboratory pump

FMO_PF_Gearbox_preassembledThis drive unit is used in places such as laboratories. The gearing provides precise movement and the digital control with integrated throughput measurement enables simple and precise metering of a wide variety of media.

Electrical pipette

Electric pipette

In the electrical pipette, the dosing quantity of the liquid is controlled by means of a miniature bevel gear set coupled with a planetary stage. This allows dosing automatically the required quantity of liquid with this hand-held device. Simply pressing a button will then release this quantity. The electrical pipette is used in research institutes and laboratories.

Wheel hub drive for hospital logistics

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are used in modern hospitals and care facilities for the transport of goods. The so-called service robots can move autonomously over several buildings and floors. In doing so, they supply various areas with food, medication, laundry, mail, and much more. The Framo Morat drive unit is ideal for use in medical facilities due to its low noise emissions and long service life.

AGV drive for hospital intralogistics

AGV in a hospital service corridor

Driverless transport systems (AGV) are used in hospitals, for example, as state-of-the-art goods transport systems. They can connect multiple buildings and floors to each other. In doing so, they supply various areas with food, medication, laundry, mail, and much more. The Framo Morat drive unit is ideal for use in medical facilities due to its low noise emissions and long service life.