Pool Technic

Swimming pool covers protect pools from the elements when they are not in use. In addition, they help heated pools retain heat, which can significantly reduce energy costs.

For many years now Framo Morat has been providing the pool industry with standardized drives for swimming pool covers that are based on the Compacta series and are equipped with DC motors and integrated automatic switches.

Later, the line was expanded by PoolCoverDrive, a watertight underfloor tubular motor with double wall, which is positioned under water inside the building drum.


Underwater unwinding systems for swimming pools

Unwinding systems for pool covers are installed underwater and must therefore be absolutely watertight for years to come. For this demanding application, Framo Morat developed a special tubular motor that is doubly sealed using AQUASEAL technology and thus offers long-term corrosion resistance and is maintenance-free.

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Drives for swimming pool covers


The Compacta GS12 is ideal for moving swimming pool covers. With a high protection class rating and a direct current supply, these models in the Compacta series of drives are designed specifically for such applications.
The drive and the associated transformer and controller fulfill the relevant standard EN 60 226.
The gear motors and controllers also meet noise immunity requirements in accordance with EN 55 014 and EN 61 000.
The more stringent standard for the French market (NF P 90-308) can be fulfilled in conjunction with slatted covers and a hand rail.

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