Slip-on­ geared motor Compacta

Slip-on geared motor Compacta cut away

Benefits at a glance:

  • low noise level
  • lightweight construction
  • can be customized


Various Options

  • integrated limit switches
  • integrated safety limit switches
  • explosion-proof in accordance with ATEX 95
  • splash-water (IP65)

Slip-on worm geared motors from the Compacta series are complete electromechanical drives in which the speed of the built-in electric motor is reduced to the desired value via two to four gear stages. The drives impress with their high performance and longevity as well as their compact and lightweight design.
The compact design is made possible by a spur/worm gearbox combined with performance-optimized motors. Compared to standard geared motors, Compacta motors are also characterized by a 60 to 70 percent weight reduction. This is achieved through consistent use of aluminum die-casting technology, which also guarantees high rigidity of the gearbox and motor housing.
Thanks to their integrated automatic switching devices, the Compacta series slip-on geared motors are ideal drives for applications in reversing operation. In both directions of rotation, defined end positions are secured by two position limit switches. This uncomplicated solution not only simplifies cabling, but also enables quick and easy adjustment of the end positions. The high switch-off accuracy of the limit switches guarantees safe operation, both forwards and backwards.

Based on our decades of experience from numerous successfully implemented customer and industry projects, we have predefined a wide range of standard variants for you. With these items, which are also available in small quantities, you benefit from short delivery times and particularly attractive prices. In addition, for larger quantities, extensive adjustments to your individual requirements are possible, which can range from a small modification – based on a sophisticated modular system – to a completely customer-specific new development.

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