Compacta custom versions

Advantages at a glance:

  • Modified standard by combining existing modules with newly designed components
  • Completely application-specific new development

Modified standard

The preconfigured standard drives of the Compacta series are not always suitable for a given application. For example, there is not enough space available or performance data such as speed, torque, lifting speed or lifting force do not match the required requirement profile.
However, the wheel does not have to be reinvented for every individual drive solution. Based on the sizes MR6, MS12, MR30 and AG160, modified drives can be implemented for larger quantities by combining existing modules and an extensive selection of options (e.g. integrated brakes, rotary encoders, slip clutch, external ventilation, moisture-proof coating or different automatic switches) that cover the following performance ranges :

Compacta MR6

  • Output speed:
    2,9 – 100 min-1
  • Output torque:
    10,5 – 60 Nm
  • Gear ratio:
    27 – 450:1
Slip-on geared motor Compacta MR6

Compacta MS12

  • Output speed:
    3 – 193 min-1
  • Output torque:
    12 – 142 Nm
  • Gear ratio:
    14,2 – 225:1
Slip-on geared motor Compacta MS12

Compacta MR30

  • Output speed:
    2,6 – 123,4 min-1
  • Output torque:
    60 – 300 Nm
  • Gear ratio:
    22,7 – 264,6:1
Slip-on geared motor Compacta MR30

Compacta AG160

  • Output speed:
    0,45 – 8,3 min-1
  • Output torque:
    720 – 1600 Nm
  • Gear ratio:
    339 – 3111:1
Slip-on geared motor Compacta AG160

Customer-specific new developments

When designing and configuring your drive individually, you benefit from our decades of experience in drive technology. Together we first develop a detailed specification that forms the basis for product development. By selecting the right options, we ensure the later integration of the drive into your overall system and thus a smooth market launch.

In addition to the purely technical performance data, the specifications also take into account economic criteria such as efficient producibility and material procurement as well as ease of service and repair. This means you receive all services from a single source.

Every development project goes through several project phases (“milestones”). In the early phase, our experts use the latest CAD and calculation software to develop the detailed design and simulate the loads in the field. The in-house project production and the use of 3D printers enable the rapid availability of prototypes, which are used to meticulously check the specifications from the specifications.

Continuously updated schedules and budget plans give the project a high level of transparency at all times. When a milestone is reached, the results are discussed together and the next development step is approved. This way we ensure that the result meets your requirements in every respect. Numerous innovative drive systems with a Compacta as a core element have already been created. You can find some application examples here.

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