Custom Plastic Solutions

Custom Plastic Solutions
  • Custom production according to customer request
  • All types of gearing & complex geometries
  • Parts weights from 0.01 g to 1,000 g
  • Processing the high temperature PEEKTMplastic
  • Multi-component injection molding
  • All process steps (development, toolmaking, injection molding, further processing, and quality control) from a single source

You can Trust Framo Morat. We have been developing and producing drive solutions and plastic injection molding for over 50 years as a part of the Franz Morat Group by F. Morat & Co. GmbH.

Our gears, plastic/metal connections or technical parts have been developed specifically for a certain product and certain application. The quality of our parts is outperforming the common standards in both precision and durability.

Plastic Gear Parts

Plastic gear parts
  • All gear types
  • Spur / helical gearing
  • Modules 0.2 to 4
  • PEEK™ material

Plastic / Metal Connections

Plastic metal connection
  • Combines the properties of metal and plastic
  • Design optimization of the combination

Plastic Technical Parts

Plastic technical parts
  • Housing parts
  • Complex geometries
  • Multi-component engineering

Over one million parts are produced daily on state-of-the-art machinery with over 60 injection molding machines.

Our decisive advantage is in our depth of production that offers a large amount of flexibility:

  • Gearing design
  • Component optimization
  • Mold design
  • Tool making
  • Re-machining
  • Assembly
  • Final inspection
  • All process-related work steps are performed in-house.


The combination of plastic with metal often results in advantages that the respective material group cannot provide alone.

We process both technical thermoplastics, including various fillers and reinforcing materials, as well as the temperature-resistant PEEK™ plastic to create technical components. We can customize a solution for you by knowing the advantages that each of the various plastics provide. We can provide housing parts with:

  • Complex geometries
  • Intricate sealing elements
  • Miniature bearings
  • Multi-component technology

Plastic Gear Parts

Plastic gear parts

Framo Morat is a pioneer in precision plastic injection molding for over 50 years. Due to our experience in optimization of the gear geometries, our products can provide you an advantage to bolster your position in international competition.

In the production of technical injection molded parts, we process all thermoplastics:

  • POM
  • PA6/66
  • PA11/12
  • PA 4.6
  • PBT
  • PC
  • PEI
  • PPA
  • PPE
  • PPS
  • PFA


Our mastery over a wide range of materials ensures that the most suitable material is used in every situation. We are among the few manufacturers that process various fillers and reinforcement materials as well as the high temperature-resistant PEEK™ plastic. This material is preferred when high mechanical and thermal load capacities as well as chemical and hydrolysis resistance are required.

Plastic Metal Connections

Plastic metal compounds

The combination of plastic and metal is often an alternative for innovative drive solutions. Plastic / metal connections are preferred when the components have to withstand high loads and when weight reduction or quiet running is required at the same time. To benefit from the advantages of these materials, a technical design of the combination and the individual parts is mandatory.

Plastic Technical Parts

Plastic technical parts

Our strength is not limited to our precision in gear parts, but in many technical parts such as:

·       complex housing parts

·       intricate sealing elements

·       miniature bearings


We use 2K technology to increase the customer benefits by combining the properties of two materials. For example, the result is a pinion with an enormous amount of rigidity, paired with an elastic gear, whereby the opposing properties of rigidity and elasticity or quiet running can be combined in a single component.

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