Customized hub gears

Benefits at a glance:

  • Drive systems fully developed in line with customer specifications including motor, brake, encoder and controller
  • Individual motor adaptation
  • Protection against intake of debris, thanks to brush seal
  • Excellent flexibility for customer-specific adaptations based on the modular principle:
    – Individually configured radial loads
    – Custom sizes
    – Helically toothed planetary carriers
    – Individual materials, e.g. thermoplastics
    – Other ratios (e.g. i = 25, 40 and 64:1)
    – Individual PU impeller materials, profiles and sizes (Ø140 – Ø200×50 mm)

Wheel hub drives as complete system incl. motor, gear and wheel

Framo Morat’s decades of experience are irreplaceable. We support you in designing and developing individual drive solutions or sizes, including dimensioning the required gear ratios, wheel loads, materials and toothing types.

For common variants and wheel loads, the modular design of the NG250 and NG500 hub gearbox developed by Framo Morat offers maximum flexibility in connecting the motor, brake, and control system. When it comes to selecting the impeller, various PU materials and wheel sizes are available for different application areas.

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