Customized designs

Standard drives are not always suitable for the particular application at hand. For example, there may be a lack of space or performance data like lifting speed or lifting force are not appropriate. Despite this, manufacturers do not need to reinvent the wheel for each individual drive solution.

Thanks to the modular design of the Mini linear actuators, in many cases existing modules can be combined with components that have been reconfigured for the specific task. This saves time as well as development costs.

Benefit from our decades of experience in drive engineering for the individual design and configuration of your drive. We are able to ensure the integration of the drive into your entire system and thus ensure a smooth market launch, thanks to the selection of suitable options.

Numerous innovative drive systems with a Mini drive as the core element have already been produced this way. You can find some examples here.

Facade Technology


LiMax-1Thanks to their attractive design, these drives are commonly used in shading systems on large building complexes where they control the position of the awning elements. The drive has a stainless steel housing and can be modularly equipped with options like brakes, rotary encoders, or force-dependent shutoff. Stroke path can be adjusted across the entire stroke length as standard. When combined with a suitable positioning system, an entire row of awnings can be adjusted with just one drive.

Solar power


We have developed special line actuators for vertical tracking of photovoltaic modules. They have low power requirements and are characterized by high resistance against wind loads, moisture, and temperature fluctuations (dynamic/static loads up to 50/210 kN). There is a choice of trapezoidal or ball-screw drives with or without an integrated terminal shutoff. In addition, a variety of reduction gears and motors are available.

Food industry

Mini Kundenspez Lebensmittelbranche

LiMax-1Water jet protection (IP 65) and the use of stainless steel permit use of this drive even under harsh and aggressive ambient conditions, such as those found in hygienic areas of the food industry. The stroke path can be adjusted externally across the entire stroke length, making assembly and installation incredibly easy.

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