Plastic injection molding

Plastic gear parts

We process technical thermoplastics, including a wide range of fillers and reinforcing materials, as well as the high-temperature-resistant material PEEK into technical components.

Plastic-metal compounds

The combination of plastic and metal often results in advantages that the respective material group alone cannot offer. We take care of the geometric design and optimization for you.

Technical parts

We not only stand for the highest precision and quality when it comes to gearing parts. We are also your reliable partner for housing parts with complex geometries, delicate sealing elements, miniature bearings or multi-component technology.

Plastic gear parts

  • All types of gearing
  • Spur/helical gearing
  • Module 0.2 to 4
  • PEEK material

With 60 years of experience in the production of a wide variety of gearing parts, F. Morat is one of the pioneers in precision plastic injection molding. We know the advantages and peculiarities of each type of gearing and can therefore find the right individual solution. By optimizing the gearing geometry, our products offer you an advantage that gives you a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

In the production of technical injection-moulded parts, we process all thermoplastics such as POM, PA6/66, PA11/12, PA 4.6, PBT, PC, PEI, PPA, PPE, PPS or PFA and make the best possible use of their specific properties. F. Morat is one of the few manufacturers that can also process a wide range of fillers and reinforcing materials as well as the high-temperature-resistant plastic PEEK. This material is preferred when high mechanical and thermal strength as well as resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis are required.

Over the past 30 years, we have acquired an enormous wealth of experience in this area. The material PEEK with its enormous strength can only be used for precision plastic injection molded parts by adhering to the narrowest process windows and optimal tool concepts. Mastering this wide range of materials ensures that the most suitable material is used for each application.

Plastic-metal compounds

  • Combination of the properties of metal and plastic
  • Constructive design of the combination

The combination of plastic and metal is often an alternative for innovative drive solutions. This makes it possible to utilize the advantages of such different materials in direct combination. An appropriate technical design of the combination and the individual parts is essential. Our work therefore often begins with the design of the connecting parts, the design of the tool concept or the selection of the optimum materials. The result is products with properties that are only possible through the combination – developed, optimized and manufactured from a single source.

Technical parts

  • Housing parts
  • Complex geometries
  • Multi-component technology

The particular strength of F. Morat lies in the precision that we achieve not only for gear parts, but also for many technical parts, such as complex housing parts, delicate sealing elements and even miniature bearings for the automotive industry, which are manufactured in their millions.

With 2K technology, we increase customer benefits by combining the properties of two materials. The result is, for example, a pinion with enormous rigidity paired with an elastic gear wheel, whereby the opposing properties of rigidity and elasticity or smooth running can be combined in one component.

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